Sunday, April 5, 2009

Post-Apocolyptic Steam Punk Shaman from the Wilderness!

I have decided to hit the ground running.

Revolution is Sexy had a growth spurt! From student film and photographic exhibit, to gallery, shop, and blog. Not to mention Myspace....

The first step in giving Revolution is Sexy a digital body and online personality is to create images. I have been gorging myself on videos of John Galliano's runway shows, and so I have decided to spend the next several months focusing on fashion photography. But the real eureka moment came after my boyfriend tried to force a wide blue filligree bangle onto his manly wrist, I got the concept for my next series.

I want to replicate old National Geographic portraits of exotic natives, where they sit stoic in a chair in front of the camera, completely bedecked in their most exotic costumes. But mixed with grass skirts, feathers, and face paints I want to add huge bangle bracelets, long dangling rhinestone earrings, and the most gaudy costume jewelry I can find. Think Tina Turner (or Mel Gibson, depending who you are) in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome mixed with a rummage sale. Like post-apocolyptic steam punk shaman from the wilderness.

I think this is a way for me to do something interesting with the merchandise, so I can feel like I am being productive as well as having fun and playing dress up. Of course I will still need to do some straightforward shots to make sure the merch gets sold. But I built a light box so I am not worried!

The merchandise I want to start with is: vintage earrings, vintage dresses, vintage fabric, suspenders, clip-on ties, and perhaps some other accessories. After I get the hang of selling on etsy, I plan to add more hand made items like my famous button bracelets and some two dimensional paper art.

Now that I've gotten started, it will be interested to see how the next few weeks go. If it's stressful, at least it will be "fun stress".

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